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Boomers Story

February 10th, 2013

Boomers Story

I have left NY for warmer places, I begin the task of reinventing myself and getting back to the BLUE HIGHWAYS I have always liked to travel. Its been quite a while since I have been able to ramble around, time meaning nothing, and NOWHERE I have to be. Yesterday I was treated to a family of American Eagles, working the waters and marsh in the Bush River, Maryland, where I spent the weekend. This begins.......................

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After 30 years of "stealing spirits" I walked away.....
I wont ever forget them for helping me, I thank them for letting me cry.
I thank them for letting me come home to those I love.
Now off to somewhere else!

12/25/2011....Well now
Its been a good start, at least I believe so!
I wanted to get to work with this site and tried to improve the image quality.
I feel I understand the site better, but please if you have something to me.
This week I want to work on some more music related images. See ya next time......Jonathan.

01/04/2012....Happy New Year to all!
Welcome to my Gallery, I hope you enjoy the images I put up and maybe you'll find one you'd
like to have. I have a few more Musicians photos I want to get up before shifting direction.
If you have a comment please email me, have a good day........Jonathan

01/21/2012.....SHARING OF SPIRITS
Hello FANS...those of you who have stuck around or have checked back, as of today,
will find some new old works and some just new ones. Those of you who have sent me notes,
THANK YOU for your feed back. Keep those cards and letters coming in. Please pass my website
and facebook info along to those you think might like my images. NEXTTIME.........Jonathan.

Hey All, been a couple weeks but I got up some old, first sojourn, images from 1971.These were problematic over the years because of
condition of the negatives. The amount of spotting took quite some time.The 10 frame panorama from the Divide had 10x the spotting as most frames. I have looked for negs of images I shot sometime ago, many things were lost in the Chatham fire of March 1975. So, these are worth the
work to me and I hope to you also.......see ya,....Jonathan